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Worry Tools Branding

Project Info

Duration: May 2019

Client: Worry Tools

Role: Logo Designer

Mediums: Pencil, Adobe Illustrator

I was approached to create a new logo for a company looking to provide a personalized solution for exploring and saving helpful tools and resources for mental wellness. We had a kick-off meeting to discuss inspiration, technical details, budget and use cases. There was a website and app in the early phases of development and while a general direction the for the color palette was given, they were not yet clearly defined.


The client provided a list of keywords which conveyed the overall emotion, mood, and impression they wanted their brand to convey: “Relaxing, supportive, friendly, modern, uplifting”.

Mood board – relaxing, supportive, friendly, modern, uplifting


The client had sketched out an idea for the logo, and I could instantly see this working in various pieces of collateral in both the print and web realms. I was able to simplify and expand upon it – bringing it to life.


Original sketch and refined design

Feedback and Final Deliverables

There was close collaboration along the way to minimize revisions and and maximize results. The design-ask was straight forward and was able to create a clean and quick brand guide in a short amount of time. The multi-use nature of the designs across various pieces of collateral and mediums were well received. Below are some of the original designed pieces.



Lessons Learned

There is not a perfect equation on how to create a perfect logo design, but there are some elements of design that can steer you in the right direction. For the design ask, I focused on balance, proportion, and white space to ensure how ever the deign was used, the same look and feel was achieved. The client has chosen to concentrate on the development of this product before bringing it to market and look forward to its release. Stay tuned…

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