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Postage stamp spotlight: Earth day

Here we are with another Stamp Spotlight post, where I curate a themed collection of postage stamps from the archive.

This set of stamps is in honor of the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day.

From the middle to top left, clockwise:

Space Exploration: Earth - USA - 1991

Celebrate the Century - USA - 1999

Save our Air - USA - 1970

Apollo 8: Moon Orbit - USA - 1969

Earth - USA - 1988

Atoms for Peace - USA - 1955

Global Forever - USA - 2013

Earth Day is a day we dedicate ourselves to raising awareness about environmental protection and sustainability. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the place we all call home.

Curating this collection of postage stamps is my creative way to honor Earth Day.

Have an idea for a postage stamp theme? Send me a message!


My postage stamp collection FAQs

When did you start collecting postage stamps?

I inherited my Great Aunt Laverne’s stamp collection. She began by sending loose stamps and eventually sent the main binder. She only collected stamps from the USA, with most being from between the late 1950s to mid-1990s. I now add international issues as well.

Do you like postage stamps?

I have always been fascinated with postage stamps. Each one is a tiny work of art. Plus, just about every country in the world has them! It's a small window into other cultures and lands.

Why curate these postage stamp collections?

It took me some time to decide what to do with the collection. I knew I wanted to share the design and stories stamps tell which morphed into curating mini visually themed collections. You can see these collections on my Instagram @collectedstamps

How do you come up with the collection themes?

My collections are inspired by current events, holidays, weather, mood... or just what inspires me in the moment. Have an idea for a postage stamp theme? Send me a message!

Where do you acquire new postage stamps?

When curating for a theme, I sometimes realize I am coming up short of stamps to fit the collection. To satisfy the vision, I source new postage stamps via Postcrossing or eBay. Have new or used postage stamps you want donate? Drop me a note!


Disclaimer: The thoughts shared in this blog are solely my own and do not represent the perspectives of my professional relationships or clientele.



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