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GIFs + Motion Graphics

Project Info

Duration: Sep 2009 – present

Client: Harland Clarke, Vericast, iPrint, Expressionery, Checks in the Mail, NDA

Role: Graphic Designer

Mediums: in-house photography, Adobe Photoshop

I am often approached to optimize motion graphics for web and email. The asks are typically straightforward as the need for graphics usually comes as a support for an existing umbrella campaign.


Before sketching, story boarding or layouts can begin, there is a kick-off meeting with stakeholders / marketing team to identify the intended target audience, marketing personas, discuss inspiration, details, budget and platforms of interest. The more details I am provided, the more efficient I can be in my return with collateral. During this phase, everything from mood boards, to a list of keywords to convey the overall emotion, and inspiration is helpful.

Specs for various social media platforms (2022)

Sketching or story boarding

It is during this phase where I always feel like the magic happens. If the initial research is complete enough, I can already begin to “see” a vision in my head for motion/animated layouts. Knowing which platforms to optimize for is extremely helpful prior to this phase, as I often begin to formulate what will work for the square, vertical or horizontal formats in this phase.


With close client and team collaboration, I am able to minimize revisions and and maximize results. In some cases, I have had to communicate with an outside third party such as a legal team for licensed work, or a representative for an original artists consent of use but turn around times for their reviews are typically built into the project timeline up front.

Final Deliverables and Lessons Learned

Below are a few of the web + email motion graphics I have formatted in the past. While a lot of what is created is gut reaction, or based on current trends, there are some tried and true elements of design that can steer you in the right direction. Most of these pieces have a focus on emphasis, hierarchy, movement, color and variety to ensure the social media leg of the overall campaign functions as a cohesive suite.


Disclaimer: The thoughts shared in this blog are solely my own and do not represent the perspectives of my professional relationships or clientele.



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