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50 Logo Designs

Project Info

Duration: May – Jun 2018

Client: Passion Project

Role: Logo Designer

Mediums: Pencil, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

To strengthen my logo design skills, I signed up for the Daily Logo Challenge in May 2017. Every day for 50 days, I was emailed a short brief with imagery, name and industry ideas for inspiration.


I chose to keep these designs in either black and white or one to two colors to focus on shapes, form and typography. I did high level research for designs featuring the same imagery, names or industry and took these thoughts to my sketchbook.


I began with pencil sketches (Procreate sketches for the 2022 refresh) for every brief, and once I felt it was ready enough to be refined as a vector, I used them as an underlay in Adobe Illustrator.


Below are my results for all 50 logos (39 while I re-work a few!), with the original brief provided. This set was originally completed in 2017, and refreshed in 2022.

Lessons Learned

With part of my background in print design, I have encountered poorly designed logos that would not reproduce correctly once converted to single color / black and white. There is more to a logo design than a graphic and typography lumped together. Each one is a delicate balance of contrast, emphasis, hierarchy, pattern, white space, and alignments. The Daily Logo Challenge was an insightful exercise and would highly recommend it to sharpen design skills.


Disclaimer: The thoughts shared in this blog are solely my own and do not represent the perspectives of my professional relationships or clientele.


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